Chapter 4. Managing Projects

Project Manager

The Project Manager can show you an overview of all the projects that you created so far, allowing you to assign them to categories. It will also give you important information about your projects such as the creation date, last backup date, last update date and project size.

You can also see at a glance whether the project you are interested in has been updated and when. If it hasn't been updated, you can look in the Events section and see whether something went wrong, or whether the update was never started at all.

The Project Manager is only available in the Enterprise version. You can access it from the Project menu while in the application, or you can have it start before the application by unchecking the [Choose project at startup] option in the Application section of the global preferences.

Project Details

The Details panel shows you all the details about your project, such as keywords, search engines, and websites. It also tells you the current project preferences such as the search depth, the location of the reports, or whether or not you use a proxy for this project.


The Reports section of the Project Manager displays all the reports created within this project along with detailed information about each of them such as input data (search engines, keywords, websites), output data (format, chart, legend, filters, sorting, columns, etc.), destination (folder, emails and FTP servers) and deployment information.

Scheduled Tasks

The Scheduled Tasks section displays all the tasks created within this project along with detailed information about each of them, such as status, type, kind, start date, time, repeat and next run date.


The Events section displays all the events created within this project. It will tell you the event type, the source of the event, and the date and time it appeared. The events help you stay on top of everything that happens within Advanced Link Manager. It will tell you whether the update went fine, or whether that report you scheduled was sent to the client successfully. It can even send you an email automatically when certain event types occur.


The Backups section displays all the backups for the currently selected project. It will tell you the date the backup was created, the starting date and the end date for the data contained in the backup.