Advanced Link Manager User Guide

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Frequently Asked Questions
2. Step-by-Step Tutorials
Getting Started
Basic Tutorial
Advanced Tutorial
Find new link partners
Find new link partners by backlinks
3. The User Interface
Main Menu
Main Toolbar
Left-Side Panels
Quick actions panel
4. Managing Projects
Project Manager
Project Details
Scheduled Tasks
Creating a New Project
Project Settings
Renaming a Project
Deleting a Project
Duplicating a Project
Remove data
Address Book
FTP Profiles
5. Updating Projects
Updating a Project
Gather links from Search Engines
Gather only number of links from Search Engines
Gather indexed pages from Search Engines
Import links from file
Verify Link Status
Gather rank
Update reciprocal links
Verify Link Status (Forced)
Update Multiple Projects
Manually add referrers
The Update Progress Tab
Current Updates
Current Multiple Updates
Find link partners
Search Engine and Keywords
Refining the results
Find link partners by backlinks
Search Engine and Keywords
Refining the results
Competitive Analysis
6. Project Settings
Managing Domains
Selecting Search Engines
Proxy settings
Email Settings
Client emails
7. Scheduler
The scheduler wizard
Scheduling a project update
Scheduling report generation
Scheduling backups
View Scheduled Tasks
8. Interactive Reports
Domain Information
Domain Details
Email Composer
Message History
Reciprocal Details
Unverified Referrers
Backlinks Evolution
Search Engine Evolution
Link Text
The Keyword Analysis Tool
Compare View
Overview View
The Email Client
The Broken Links report
The Indexed Pages report
Reciprocal linking
9. Printable Reports
10. The Event Logger
The Event Logger
Detailed Event Information
11. Generate Link Pages
Link Page HTML Layout
Link Categories
12. User Profiles and Access Groups
User Profiles
Access groups
13. Header and Footer
The Header
The Footer
14. Global Preferences
Email Settings
FTP settings
Proxy Settings
Report preferences
Keyword Analysis
15. Proxy servers manager
Proxy servers manager
16. Website Crawler
Website Crawler
17. Google Maps Webpages Importer
Google Maps Webpages Importer
18. Webpage Analyzer
Webpage Analyzer
19. Notes
20. Search Engines Additional Parameters
Search Engines Additional Parameters
21. Analyze Domain Quality
Analyze Domain Quality
22. Referrer Categories
Referrer Categories
Referrer Subcategories
23. Install Server Edition Guide
Mac OS X
Red Hat Distributions
Debian Distributions
Server Configuration
Connect Advanced Link Manager client to server