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Advanced link Manager is a great product for my online business The program easily lets me check who is referring to me across the internet and what is being said about my company. This not only helps decide who we want to link to, but also allows us to manage our online presence and reply to any information posted. Your program, very easy to use and does what I want you say it does and what I need it to do. I would recommend your product to anyone doing business on the internet as well as buy it again for Golfasian. Mark Siegel - Managing Director, The golf experts in Thailand!

Part of the SEO work is to analyze the market and the possible competitor, looking their web sites and who link them. In the past, this work was only done by hand, and it require long time that distract us from other important task. Don’t speak about reciprocal link checking. A nightmare too. Fortunately the Caphyon team thought to this and release their Advanced Link Manager that gave us the power to quickly analyze the web. Just few clicks and you are ready to go. Andrea Moro, Posizionamento nei motori di ricerca Web-MA

The Advanced Link Manager software will be a valuable part of our clients' positioning strategies. It is a great tool to find relevant link opportunities. In just a few mouse clicks I can find out who links to top-ranking websites, but not yet to our client's. It is so straightforward and easy to use: after the short and simple tutorial I was up-and-running in no time! Nardo Kuitert, Website Optimizer with U-C WEBS, Canada

We have sites all over the world with many different domains. Advanced Link Manager is absolutely the best way for me to keep track of who is linking to all these sites, and track that evolution over time. I can contact sites removing our link to find out why, see new links added through our local site promotion efforts, and look at what new links competitors are getting. It's such a powerful and intuitive tool I wouldn't know what to do without it! Elaine Ng, Englishtown