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  • Find relevant link opportunities
  • Spy your competitors link strategy
  • Keep track of important links
  • Learn the link quality of your partners
  • Improve On-page optimization
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Get quality linking opportunities while tracking the status of your important ones

Easily discover new link partners

Advanced Link Manager uses the most advanced technology to find your potential link partners. Not only that it generates suggestions of linking partners but it also allows you to select those who bring the most value to your website.

Get valuable links

Advanced Link Manager helps you to easily choose only valuable link partners saving you time and money. It lets you analyze their domains quality and get useful information about their number of inbound links, the number of indexed pages or their PageRank.

Improve On-page Optimization

The Website Optimizer helps you quickly get powerful insights about your On-page optimization and make the necessary improvements. You can analyze and compare your own web pages or your competitors web pages.

Track the status of your links

You won't be missing any of your links anymore. Advanced Link Manager lets you monitor the evolution of your links and discover any changes made on their anchor texts or if they get removed by your partners.

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Increase your link popularity now!

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Worry about your links being removed?

Once a referrer is verified to have a backlink to your website, you can automatically check whenever it gets removed, switches to no follow status or its anchor text gets changed.

Need to find more link partners?

Advanced Link Manager helps you discover new potential link partners, sort them by page rank and choose those who fit your link building strategy.

Are your links bringing any value to your website?

The Analyze Domain Quality feature enables you to analyze and choose your partners by the value their domains can add to your website.

Wondering where your competitors are getting links from?

With Advanced Link Manager you will not only know what websites link to your competitors, but you will also understand their link building strategies.

Need to track backlink evolution in time?

Using advanced reporting features, you can easily track the evolution of your backlinks and see exactly how your link building strategy adds value to your website.

Want to get more data with less effort?

You don't have to be at your desk for Advanced Link Manager to run its tasks. You can easily schedule the updates, backups and report generations and they will be completed whenever you like.

Increase your link popularity now!

Start now and get 12 months of FREE Technical Support and Software Updates.

Manage link building campaigns and improve link popularity

Analyze your website's link popularity

Analyze your website's link popularity

Link Popularity Analyzer
Find out who links to your site and what keywords they use. Spy the competition and see where they get their links from.

Keep track of your links
Make sure your important links are always active. Advanced Link Manager can warn you whenever your link partners remove the links to your website.

Find link partners

Find link partners

Discover potential partners
Improve your website's link popularity by searching for link partners within the links that are related to your keywords.

Find information about your link partners
Get contact and reciprocal link information about your link partners before you exchange links with them.

Increase your link popularity now!

Start now and get 12 months of FREE Technical Support and Software Updates.

Scaled exactly to your needs


Find link partners

Finding link partners is a task both difficult and important for on-site optimization. Advanced Link Manager helps you find valuable partners and establish a good link building strategy that would bring the desired traffic to your website.

Reciprocal linking

Whether is a simple or multiple link exchange you need to keep track of it all the time and make sure they remain active. With Advanced Link Manager you won't find yourself engaged in bad partnerships that bring no benefits to your website.

Check link popularity

Advanced Link Manager helps you find out all the links that point to your website and keep track of them. You will be able to make a wise selection of your links and keep active those who are important and bring value to your website.

Webpage Analyzer

The Webpage Analyzer allows you to analyze any page you wish to whether it's your own, your competitors or your potential partners. You can gather useful information like page rank, meta information (title description, robots, keywords, author) and the number of links.

Analyze Domain Quality

With this feature of Advanced Link Manager you are able to choose your link partners by the value they would bring to your website. It allows you to analyze any domain you need to and get the number of inbound links, page rank or the number of indexed pages.

Spy on your competition

It is important to always keep an eye on your competition. Advanced Link Manager helps you discover your competitors link building strategy, the keywords they use and the way they optimized their websites. Therefore you can adjust your link building strategy and outrank them.

Small Business

Multiple report generation

You won't have to generate report after report anymore until you have the complete data. All you have to do is choose from a list the reports you need to be done and Advance link Manager will generate and send them to you or your clients email.

Multiple updates

Advanced Link Manager allows you to perform the updates simultaneously on all your projects. Simply use the check box list to choose the projects you need to be updated and the task will start running whenever you set it by scheduler.

Scheduled updates, report generation and backups

Whether is report generation, performing the updates or backing up your work, Advanced Link Manager is able to handle any task on his own. You just have to schedule it to run the tasks and you can have them done even while you're away from the computer.

Email client

Advanced Link Manager is designed to allow you communicate with your partners without having to leave the application. You can manage on spot emails from your other configured client emails and it also allows you to directly edit and send emails to potential partners.

Website Crawler

This feature lets you crawl a website and gather important information such as page rank, meta information, the number of links, HTTP response and the size of the respective page. It can also export the data as a sitemap for the main search engines Google and Yahoo.

Multiple API keys

Using multiple API keys Advanced Link Manager is search engine friendly even when managing large projects. Therefore you don't have to worry about getting banned by the search engines or about being slowed down by their limitations.


Advanced Link Manager Server

With this feature you can connect multiple clients to the same database and have them working together. Although it can also work over the internet it is recommended to have it working on your local network to access and update your projects easy and with high speed.

Google Maps Webpages Importer

This feature really helps you if you are promoting your business local. It shows you the pages that link to a local listing provided by Google local search for a specific keyword. Therefore you can know who links to your and your competitors listings.

User Profiles

Whenever a application is being used by more than one person setting profiles for each user is mandatory. This feature allows you to do that securely by setting the permission to access level for each user and also have their usability preferences available upon login.

Project Manager

When managing too many projects it could become quite difficult to remember all the details you need for performing at your best. Therefore you can organize your projects, get a detailed overview and be able to manage them efficiently.


Using Triggers Advanced Link Manager let's you define action templates. They will automatically execute your desired actions on the referrer URL that match the selected filters. Triggers can be executed after or before a project update.

Multiple proxy

Advanced Link Manager allows you to reduce the time spent on updates by assigning multiple proxies to a task. Thus large tasks will no longer be a time consuming task and you will be able to have your reports ready for your clients on time.

Increase your link popularity now!

Start now and get 12 months of FREE Technical Support and Software Updates.

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Part of the SEO work is to analyze the market and the possible competitor, looking their web sites and who link them. In the past, this work was only done by hand, and it require long time that distract us from other important task. Don’t speak about reciprocal link checking. A nightmare too. Fortunately the Caphyon team thought to this and release their Advanced Link Manager that gave us the power to quickly analyze the web. Just few clicks and you are ready to go. Andrea Moro - Posizionamento nei motori di ricerca Web-MARead more...

Advanced Link Manager... If I had to sum it up in one word - AMAZING! Advanced Link Manager has proved to be an extremely advantageous tool to have. Not only does it analyze your website's link popularity, it also helps you insure that your important links are still active by alerting you whenever a link partner removes your link. Another very useful tool helps you to discover new link partners. Brent Folger - PPC ManagementRead more...

We have sites all over the world with many different domains. Advanced Link Manager is absolutely the best way for me to keep track of who is linking to all these sites, and track that evolution over time.Elaine Ng - EnglishtownRead more...

Increase your link popularity now!

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Increase your link popularity now!

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