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Knowing the links to your website is one of the most important factors that can affect your online business. Whether you own a website or you are in the SEO business, Advanced Link Manager is the most efficient tool for measuring your success.

I own a website
I am in the SEO business

Analyze Domain Quality
Analyze the quality of one or multiple domains of your potential link partners.

Google Maps Webpages Importer
Analyze the web pages displayed in Google Maps for a specific local business result.

Website Crawler
Get insights from specific or multiple pages of a website by crawling it's pages.

Email reports
Tired of always having to switch the application to send email for potential link partners?.

Webpage Analyzer
Improve onpage optimization by analyzing pages from your website and your competitors websites.

Scheduled Updates
Get the work done even while you're away from your computer.

Search Engine Friendly
Human emulation technology that makes search engine requests indistinguishable from a web browser.

Reciprocal Linking
Keep track of your link exchange campaigns by using multiple way link exchange tracking.

Import referrers
Avoid the time consuming task of searching on search engines, for links that are not yet in their results.

Printable reports
Create reports that can be printed, exported, sent by email to your clients and uploaded to your website automatically via FTP.

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Interactive reports
Choose one of the interactive, easy to use reports to see the information gathered from search engines.

Personalized reports
Personalize your reports and transform them into true high quality and representative products of your company.

Email composer
Send link request emails to the webmaster of the selected referrer domain, without using your email client application.

User profiles
Manage multiple users with ease. Get authentication, rights management, audit and custom profiles for each user.

Find link partners
Save precious time by finding potential partners on search engines results, using their most advanced search criteria.

Upload by FTP
Automatically upload your clients' reports to your website through a FTP server.

Import domain pages
Need to do a link campaign for other pages than your domain? Import them from search engines results.

Multiple updates
Avoid the time consuming task of manually updating each of your projects. Schedule updates for multiple projects at the same time.

Client email
Manage your emails using the client email included in the application.

Project management
Stop searching through hundreds of projects. Get your projects organized and see important information about all your existing projects.

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Link pages
Generate web pages with links to your partners and upload them automatically to your website

Get a special report sent to your email address when your website can't be found in the search engines.

Google and Yahoo API
Check the position of your keywords in Google and Yahoo through the API keys.

Proxy per project
Get the same search results your customers see in their part of the world by assigning a proxy server to each project.

Manage status information
Manage the current progress of your link exchange campaign.

Schedule report generation
Schedule report generation for your projects and send them by email to your clients, first hour in the morning.

Make a compact and easily transferable backup of all your projects that can later be restored.

Export reports
Export the generated reports in any of the following formats: HTML, PDF, XML and CSV.

Update progress
Check the status of the updates that run on scheduler and what the yesterday update worked.

Address Book
Keep your clients organized. Sending reports automatically by email is now an easy task.

Google Page Rank
See the Google Page Rank and the Alexa Rank for all the websites displayed in a report.

Multiple Proxy
The update takes to much time to complete? Use multiple proxy servers and decrease the update time.

Multiple report generation
Generate right now multiple reports for your clients.

Scheduled backups
Schedule periodical backups for your projects, in order to avoid accidents that could lead to data losses and your customers' discontent.

Multiple API keys
Avoid the requests limitation by using more than one Yahoo API key. When the limit is reached, the next key is used automatically.

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