Webpage Analyzer lets you analyze pages of your website or your competitors websites in order to find new ways of improving onpage optimization. It helps you also analyze pages from your potential link partners websites and see which ones match the requirements you have when getting new links

You can add URls to be analyzed manually, from a specified file or by parsing an URL. The last option will import all the links found on the specified page.

When finishing to analyze your URLs they can be added as project URLs, add as referrer URLs or exported to a file.

For each analyzed URL you can gather additional information, like page rank, meta information (title description, robots, keywords, author), the number of outbound and onsite links, HTTP response and the size of the respective page.

This will help you not only to see if the pages of your website are properly optimized, but also check your competitor's websites to see how they optimize them.

NoteThis feature is only available in the Enterprise version.