With Advanced Link Manager you can generate highly customizable reports in PDF, HTML, XML and CSV formats.

The following reports can be printed and sent by email or uploaded to an FTP server: Unverified Referrers, Referrers, Referrers Overview, Search Engines, Link Text, Link Text Overview, Domain Information, Referrers by Search Engines and Referrers Information.

Unverified Referrers Report

The "Unverified Referrers" report displays the web pages that have been reported by the search engines to have a link to your website.

These referrers come straight from the search engine index. And since the search engines do not always have their index up to date, these links may no longer exist. To see the real (verified) referrers look at the Referrers report instead.

Referrers Report

The "Referrers Report" displays the web pages that have been verified and are definitely linking to your website. This information is only available after you run an update with the "Verify Link Status" option enabled.

The Referrers Report is tied to a date - the date when a Verify Link Status update was run for the project. This means that the report will display the related information for the date when the update took place.

Referrers Overview Report

This report shows only the referrers that link back to your website, with a side-by-side comparison of your competition.

It helps you make a quick comparison between your website and your competitor website to see whether they have links from websites that you may also want.

This report allows you to order the information by Referrer or by Rank and you can also filter the information displayed by rank change or by the links count.

Search Engines Report

This report shows an evolution of the estimated number of links to your targets as reported by the search engines. Those numbers are just estimated numbers and may not be very accurate.

This report also shows an evolution chart for each target URL on each search engine. Also, it allows you to order the information by Search Engines or by URLs.

Link Text Report

This report shows the top link texts and the referrers they come from.

The report allows you to order the information by Link text or by Total links and you can also display only the information for the Top 5, Top 10 or Top 15 link texts.

You can also see for each target, a pie chart representation of the percents for each link text.

Link Text Overview Report

This report shows a side-by-side comparison of link texts between your website and your competition for two different dates. It shows the changes that occurred between those date (links can be added or removed).

This report also allows the selection of a single date, so the user can compare the selected target URLs for only one day (this way the added or removed indicators will no longer be shown).

Domain Information Report

This report shows all the referrer domains from this project and various infomation about them like: page rank, Alexa rank, domain's IP address and the domain age.

The domain age is computed from the day the domain appears in the WHOIS registration database (for those domains that have the WHOIS information made available).

Referrers by Search Engines Report

This report shows the referrers retrieved from a domain grouped by the search engines that referred them.

The Referrers by Search Engines report also displays the page rank and Alexa rank of each referrer URL. The "Last referred date" column from this report represents the date that the current search engine reported this URL as linking back to your target URL.

Referrers Information Report

This report shows detailed information about each referrer. This information includes the URL title, the parent domain name, the IP address, the meta description and meta keywords contained in the URL's meta section.

The report also shows the referrer category that the referrer belongs to and each tag the referrer was asigned to.

NoteThis feature is only available in the Professional and Enterprise versions.