Adding HTML Headers and Footers

One of the important components of a company's reputation is definitely its image or, to be more precise, the way it creates and sells its image on the market. A good image is based on many factors, such as high quality products and professionalism when it comes to PR techniques. All these features should mainly be reflected into the company's products, into the way the company presents itself to current and potential clients.

The very same rule applies to the field of link popularity, where a good image of your products can rapidly increase your business opportunities. That is why you need to smartly customize your reports and Advanced Link Manager, through its powerful features and user-friendliness, represents the best choice.

Advanced Link Manager has the ability to fully personalize your reports, transforming them into true high quality and representative products of your company. Thus, apart from the ability of attaching text to your reports, Advanced Link Manager also allows you include HTML Headers and Footers.

You can also add a custom header to the email message that is sent with each report. Please see the following section in the User Guide for more information.

NoteThis feature is only available in the Professional and Enterprise versions.