Google Maps Webpages Importer helps you get the web pages displayed in Google Maps when looking for additional information about a local business.

Web Pages are citations of that listing from other websites and represent an important ranking factor in local search. By getting the web pages and having a good idea about your competitor's web pages, you can then try obtaining listings from the same websites as your competitors.

Google Maps Webpages Importer let's you also retrieve the page rank for found pages to check the quality of the respective web pages.

Once Google Maps Webpages Importer gathers all the Web Pages found, you can Gather additional information, Show Google ten pack or add the to the [Selected URls] list. From here they can be added as project URLs, added as referrer URLs or export them to a file.

When gathering additional information you can analyze for each found URL it's page rank, meta information (title description, robots, keywords, author), the number of outbound and onsite links, HTTP response and the size of the respective URL.

Show Google ten pack let's you see the Local business results for your query in the selected region.

The selected URLs can be easily added as project URLs, as referrer URLs or exported to a file. This can help you not only see the retrieved web pages, but also add them to your project in Advanced Link Manager and use them in your research for improving the link popularity of your website(s).

NoteThis feature is only available in the Enterprise version.