With Advanced Link Manager keeping your customers close and content becomes as easy as creating great meaningful printable reports, as all clients can access their link popularity reports via our product's ability to upload data to FTP servers. Once the reports are uploaded to the server, they will be published on your website. Each customer will be able to see them by accessing their personal section in the website. Thus, the degree of interactivity between your customers and your SEO efforts will be significantly increased and your business will experience new coordinates.

Do you want to upload a customer's reports to your website by means of a FTP server? All you need to do is create a FTP profile. It's as easy as adding a contact to your Address Book.

Once that is done, you can upload the report to your website automatically every time you generate it. It's as easy as sending the report via email or saving it to a local folder.

With the help of this feature, customers will have a better means of accessing their link popularity reports by directly connecting to their personal section on your website. You can thus keep your customers closely connected to your company's SEO reports.

NoteThis feature is only available in the Professional and Enterprise versions.