A professional tool has to be both accurate and user-friendly, while the results should be accurate and easy to read. Browsing through different types of charts, according to the kind of information you need, could easily become a time and energy consuming task if the architecture of the tool is poorly designed.

In order to avoid such problems, Advanced Link Manager presents one of its most powerful feature: the Search Engine Evolution graphical charts. Through their ability to easily adjust to the very type of information you want to be displayed, the graphical charts represent a perfect way of combining accurate information andsmart customization.

In the Search Engine Evolution chart, the information displayed will take into account the backlinks evolution of the selected URL on all the active search engines of your project. You are thus allowed to see which search engine has worked best for the optimization of your rankings.

For further customization of this view, Advanced Link Manger enables you to filter the Position range in Search Engines, taking into account meaningful suggestions.

By incorporating the Search Engine Evolution feature, Advanced Link Manager will help you improve the efficiency rate of your work in the SEO field.