Yahoo Site Explorer Is Gone. Now What?

This week started with a regretted loss. Yahoo Site Explorer, the one that has been for six years the main source of link data for all SEOs and website developers across the web, stopped their service and left us with a great void.

I won’t ask you not to cry. You can do that. It’s okay. I did that too. :)

But, life goes on. Link building goes on.

So, wipe out your tears, pack up your nostalgia and head back to building links ;)

Will this affect how Advanced Link Manager gathers links?

In short, the answer is No. You can continue using Advanced Link Manager for your link building tasks just as before, regardless of whether Yahoo Site Explorer is available or not.

And the reason for that is quite simple. The way Advanced Link Manager works, is to retrieve links from multiple sources, merge the data and verify it, to ensure both completeness and accuracy to the reports it generates.

So, although Yahoo Site Explorer may have been a primary link source for you, there are lots of other alternative link sources you can now use and obtain the same result as before.

Among all these sources, there are definitely a few that stand out for their ability to retrieve a good and fair amount of data:

  1. Google – whether we like it or not, Google drives most of the searches online. Therefore it massively crawls the web and has without doubt one of the largest web indexes. This should be good enough to place Google among your top sources of link data. They don’t usually give you the most important links, but deliver some fresh links once in a while.
  2. SEOmoz – Linkscape is also a reliable source of link data, providing with both links and anchor text information. There is a free API available that grants you access to 1 000 links for a website, which makes SEOmoz a good substitute for what Yahoo Site Explorer used to be.
  3. Blekko – the not so new anymore, Blekko has a growing database and retrieves for each website up to 1 000 links, which also qualifies it as one of the main sources of link data.

So, now what?

Now, there are two steps you must do:

► Be strong and uncheck Yahoo from your Advanced Link Manager list of search engines.
► And make sure you also have in your search engines list Google, SEOmoz and Blekko.

For that, go to the [Project] menu -> [Project Settings] and select the “Search Engines” tab. That is where you can make this selection.

To be able to retrieve data from SEOmoz you must also enter your free API key in Advanced Link Manager. This can be done through the [Options] menu -> [Preferences] -> [Performance] and in the “SEOmoz” tab you are required to enter your SEOmoz access ID and secret key.

What are these, you ask?

Well, as I said before you can get access to the SEOmoz API for free by signing up for a SEOmoz account. Once you have registered, you can find your API information on their website.

Living without Yahoo Site Explorer

The end of Yahoo Site Explorer’s era won’t be the end of link building era too. Things will go on as usual, you will be handling your projects as usual and your clients will be as happy as they usually are.

And Yahoo Site Explorer will remain in all of our memories the great tool that was there for us for a long time.

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  • Aqueous SEO

    Thanks for the update, I ran my latest ALM inbound report and had little data and thought OMG my links are gone and nearly cried. Thank god for SEOMoz and Bleko!

  • danaloiz

    I’m sorry for your sad moment there :) But things worked out in the end, right?

  • Pasar induk kramat jati

    thank you infromation

  • Seo Expert

    I love this post but since then there hasn’t been a new one. Is there one coming  up soon?

  • ile rodrigues

    Thank you for the news

  • Nitin Mohan

    Thats disappointing wordpresskb Techloo