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Think about starting a Link Popularity campaign to provide real value to your audience. Once you will have a content rich site you will not need to ask for links at all, but other websites will want to have links from your valuable website. This will also push your site towards the top of search results.

Use the great features that Advanced Link Manager offers to find out who links to your site and what keywords they use. You can not only find out the amount of links other sites have for you, but also track their evolution in time. You will be very interested that these important links stay where they are, so tracking their status becomes a key feature.

Spy the competition and see which is the link strategy they use and where they get their links from, through the Advanced Link Manager ability to create updatable reports and meaningful graphical charts.

Websites that don't have a good ranking in the major search engines have in common one problem: not enough link popularity. As long as you monitor this with Advanced Link Manager, your website can always rank on the first page.

Keep Track of Your Paid Links

Are you tired of getting ripped off? Often, when you purchase links on some websites, the links disappear after a week or two, while you paid them for months. Organizing the links in categories can help you catch the malicious webmasters red handed. You can configure Advanced Link Manager to send you warning emails whenever such a situation occurs.

It is very important to make sure that you are getting a fair deal when you purchase links. One of factors that influence the price of a link is the page rank of the page that hosts that link. You can also configure Advanced Link Manager to warn you whenever the pages you purchased links from have a drop in page rank, so you can renegotiate the price of that link.

Another important factor can be the number of outbound links. Make sure that paying for a link is worthed. If a referrer hosts too many links purchasing a link on such a page might not be worth the investment. The more links a page hosts the lesser the chances that someone clicks yours are. Advanced Link Manager can show you exactly how many outbound links a paid referrer has by simply narrowing the data down to the paid referrers, using the advanced filters.

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